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Chapter 2

Mediterranean and Aegean Development

Post and Lintel Construction, Corbel/Beehive Dome Construction

The Aegean Development in the Mediterranean Basin is of particular interest, with Post and Lintel, Corbel/Beehive, and Dome Construction. No discussion of the ancient Aegean can fail to include the island of Santorini, with its 4,000 year old site of Akrotiri, and its present communities of Oia and Thira. On the island of Crete we shall examine the Palace Complex in Knossos, and the work of Sir Arthur Evans, a British Archaewologist. We will visit the port city of Iraklion, and a rather unknown gem of a town, Agios Nikolaos. But there is more - some say the first European culture began here - the Minoan civilization. We shall examine that culture and its spread to Greece. We shall be dealing with Greece, and our first stop on the mainland will be in the Peloponnesus, and the site of the first Olympics in the city of Olympia. Then, in Mycenae, the Acropolis with its Lion’s Gate, and adjacent, the Treasury of Atreus (Tomb of Agamemnon), excavated by the controversial German amateur Archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann and his “Greek Treasure” bride. In Epidaurus, illustrations of the Theatre and Bath areas.

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