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Chapter 5

Byzantine And Early Christian Architecture

Spherical Pendentives, Domes, Stilt Blocks, Mosaic Tile

Byzantine and Early Christian Architecture will involve Spherical Pendentives, Domes, Stilt Blocks, and the use of Mosaic Tile. Our first stop will be in the Eastern Capitol of the Roman Empire, Constantinople, formerly Byzantium, now Istanbul, which gave us the early and innovative Christian church of Hagia Sophia. Back in Italy we shall explore Rome, once more, this time the discussion will commence with early Jewish and Christian burial chambers, the Catacombs, as well as a description of Old St. Peters, and detailed dialogue of the church of St. Paul Outside the Walls. Vocabulary will include Narthex, Nave, Apse, Ambulatory, Side Aisle, and Transepts, as well as cloisters, the basic ingredients of Western church plans. North to the Adriatic city of Ravenna, and its two contrasting churches, San Vitale and St. Appollinare in Classe. Further north, the city of Venice, with its church dedicated to St. Mark, and its magnificent Piazza San Marco.

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