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Chapter 6

Romanesque Development

Variations on a Roman Theme, Veneration of Relics - Typical Basilica Plan: Atrium, Narthex, Nave, Apse (Chevet), Transept, Crossing - Barrel Vaults, Pilgrimages, Relics, Processions: Axial Development

Romanesque Development will reveal Variations of a Roman Theme, the Fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of the Christian Church. The following factors will be discussed: lack of masonry skills, new church rituals, relics leading to pilgrimages, and the effects of fire, leading to the development of stone vaults. Carolingian Devlopment by the Franks in Germany, leading to Charlemagne’s Chapel in Aachen, Germany, will be revealed From there we travel to France, and Normandy, specifically the city of Caen, made famous by William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda, responsible for, in reverse order, the Abbey aux Dames and the Abbey aux Hommes.While in France, we shall study the city of Poitiers, with two notable churches: Saint Hilaire-le-Grand and Notre-Dame-la-Grande, as well as the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre in Angouleme. In Italy we shall examine the Cathedral complex in Pisa, consisting not only of the famous “Leaning Tower” (the Campanile), but also the Cathedral itself, its Baptistry, and the adjacent Cemetery. In Modena, we shall explore the Cathedral, and in Florence the Baptistry of the Cathedral, especially the doors. A brief discussion of Norman works in England follows.

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